February 2017: The 2016 Colorado OHV Economic Impact Study

The 2016 OHV Economic Impact Study Released
Colorado offers unique opportunities for motorized recreation throughout many parts the state. As such, the sport and industry of motorized recreation has increased in popularity in Colorado, both for Colorado residents and residents of other states. Pinyon Environmental Inc. evaluated the economic contribution of motorized recreation throughout Colorado for the 2014–2015 season.  This report was prepared for the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition by Pinyon Environmental in Lakewood, Colorado, funded in part and with complete support from the Colorado State OHV Program, managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

We encourage you to download the Executive Summary and/or the Full Report.

Rico West Dolores Roads and Trails (Travel Management) Project Update

The public comment period for the Rico West Dolores TMP Project ended July 15, 2016. The public is awaiting the San Juan National Forest decision. We will keep you posted concerning the outcome. If you have questions feel free to call the Forest Service Dolores District office at 970-882-7296 and ask for Debbie Kill, Tom Rice or Dolores District Ranger Derek Padilla.  Comments received including names and addresses will become part of the public record.

Protecting OHV Opportunities in Gunnison Gorge NCA

The BLM staff at Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area need your help in
getting the message out to the OHV community about riding opportunities in the
Elephant Skin area.  Though it has the same “look and feel” of
the open play areas at Peach Valley and Flat Top, it is not an open area.
All OHV and mountain bike use at Elephant Skin is limited to designated
routes, and there are many routes.  We really need to get users to stay on
the trails to avoid having to take actions that could impact riding
opportunities.Protecting OHV Opportunities – Elephant Skin OHV

New Campground to Be Built on Uncompahgre Plateau

Construction is set to begin on new camping facilities near Columbine Pass on the Uncompahgre Plateau that will, once completed, include 25-30 new designated campsites, parking facilities, fishing opportunities, restroom facilities and a staging area for off highway vehicles that will allow easy access to nearby designated trails and new riding opportunities.

2010 PAPA Year‐end Wrap up Report

PAPA continued to participate in the quarterly OHV meetings with the GMUG Forest Service. The meetings are productive in a neutral non adversarial arena. Changes are methodically happening and we will continue to participate in 2011.

PAPA volunteers cleared an estimated 700 trees this season, including one stretch of trail that took over 6 hours to clear 3 miles of trail due to massive winter and fall blow down. The majority of work was done in the San Juan Dolores district and the Uncompahgre Norwood and Ouray districts. Continue reading

PAPA supports Save The San Juans – Alpine Triangle

Save the San Juans

One of the most heavily mineralized areas in the world is the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. The area is rich in metals that are strategic to United States national defense and to green technology. Yet, China is the primary supplier of many of these metals to the western industrialized world, especially the U.S., and in September 2010 they started to use the leverage this affords to push forward their otherwise unrelated diplomatic agendas. The U.S. is extremely vulnerable, and the Country must protect and access its domestic reserves immediately. Speed is of the essence, as putting mines into production takes years, regardless of whether they’re existing mines that are being reopened or new mines that are being opened for the very first time. Continue reading