Support National Monument Designation Reform

H.R. 3990 Would Require Improved Transparency and Stakeholder Input in the National Monument Designation Process

Please Take Action now to let your Member of Congress know that you support H.R. 3990, the “National Monument Creation and Protection Act” or “National Monument CAP Act.” H.R. 3990 would reduce the size of future National Monument designations and create a formal process for reductions of existing monuments. This legislation limits the size of new monument designations to 85,000 acres, ensures designations between 640 acres-10,000 acres are reviewed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and requires approval of all local and state governments impacted by a National Monument for any designation between 10,000-85,000 acres. Additionally, H.R. 3990 clarifies the authority of the President to reduce the size of National Monuments, requiring reductions greater than 85,000 acres in size to be approved by the impacted counties, state legislatures, and governors, and to have undergone NEPA analysis. 

The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee passed H.R. 3990 in October of this year, and the legislation now awaits consideration on the House floor. In an era with politically driven land grabs and unilateral executive overreach that negatively impacts local economies and creates restrictive land-use regulations for OHV and other recreational activities it is imperative Congress reforms the antiquated monument designation process.

Please send a letter to your Representative in support of H.R. 3990 to require improved transparency and stakeholder input during the monument designation process.

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