David Pierce’ Museum Open House

On Friday December 20th SJTR Board Members met with David Pierce of Farmington to present him with a monogrammed vest to show appreciation for his most recent donation to the RWD Legal Action Fund coordinated through TPA.  David will also be hosting a Museum Open House at his facility (with SJTR support) in late March to also help bolster the Legal Action Fund.  At the Open House David plans on bringing in 2 high profile motorcyclists that will be providing special presentations for those wishing to attend.  Along with the planned March 2020 event David has already begun working on a special ride for all attendees who may wish to participate through registration and special participation donation.  We will look for details in the next couple of months.  We could not thank David Pierce enough for all that he has done to help meet the financial challenges of the RWD Litigation.

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