2010 PAPA Year‐end Wrap up Report

PAPA continued to participate in the quarterly OHV meetings with the GMUG Forest Service. The meetings are productive in a neutral non adversarial arena. Changes are methodically happening and we will continue to participate in 2011.

PAPA volunteers cleared an estimated 700 trees this season, including one stretch of trail that took over 6 hours to clear 3 miles of trail due to massive winter and fall blow down. The majority of work was done in the San Juan Dolores district and the Uncompahgre Norwood and Ouray districts. (See photos)

PAPA was asked to participate in a Trail Patrol program sponsored by the Uncompahgre Norwood Ranger District. Volunteers underwent a training day working directly with FS staff and were awarded patrol vests with the FS and PAPA logos on them. The intent is to bring responsible motorized activity to the awareness of all motorized users. Topics include sound and OHV sticker compliance, multiple use trail etiquette, and awareness of legal, closed and decommissioned routes.

PAPA participated directly with the Ouray Ranger District on their decision to instate the Columbine Campground Project on the Uncompahgre Plateau. This brings significant benefit to weekend OHV users providing a stable camp area and OHV loading zone. The site is strategically located providing great access to many of the trail systems on the south end of the plateau. The campsite will be nearly 100 acres in size. PAPA also provided significant input on the Norwood Ranger District’s proposed Thunder Road 26‐mile trail system near Lone Cone Mountain in the Uncompahgre National Forest.

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